Scooter Trike


The most comfortable tricycle available in Australia. Featuring rear suspension including the seat, differential for easy turning and greater stability, reverse gear and adjustable seat position. 

This Scooter Trike is designed and built in Germany and features forward pedalling position to ease the load on the knees. 


  • Power Assist Mode gives assistance when you pedal and increases as you increase cadence
  • 250 Watt Brushless Magnetic Motor geared for maximum service life maintenance free
  • 36 Volt 10 Amp Hour Lithium Battery for long life and lighter weight
  • Dual Wall Alloy Wheel Rims for strength and durability – 20” rear 16” front diameter
  • Rear Back Pedal Brake for powerful stopping and easy maintenance
  • Rider Capacity 120kgs to cater for most riders
  • Stainless Steel Spokes for long life and great strength
  • Sprung Gel Seat wide and soft with back support for maximum comfort and riding position
  • Carry Basket
  • Sturmey Archer SRC 5 Speed internal gears for easy operation
  • Available in blue and black combination